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Money & costs in greenland

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There's no point denying it: travel in Greenland isn't cheap. The vast distances and severe lack of roads mean that travel costs can easily spiral. Depending on your budget, your best bet is to limit the number of locations you visit and save some money for boat, dogsled or snowmobile trips to 'get out on the land' and experience what it is that makes the area so special.

Exchanging money

Travellers cheques are a poor idea in Greenland. You'll pay a Dkr75 commission to change them, and even then that's usually only possible at Grønlandsbanken in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, Maniitsoq, Sisimiut and Ilulissat. Changing cash (euros, US dollars and other major currencies) is cheaper (Dkr30), and where there's no bank it's generally possible in post offices. Even in the smallest branches, confused clerks can eventually manage this after a flurry of telephone calls. Still, it's wise to carry plenty of krone with you.


With most common credit or debit cards you can withdraw money using ATMs at banks and a few bigger post offices. However, most are inside, and even hole-in-the-wall ATMs generally close between 6pm and 6am.

Credit cards

Major credit cards are accepted at better restaurants, hotels and shops, and at most tourist offices. Supermarkets and Pilersuisoq shops usually say that they take credit cards, and they can give cash back with purchases, but in smaller settlements the card-readers are frequently out of order, so you should have back-up cash.